SEG Y revision 1

CPSeis only handles original SEG Y (revision 0).
Some additions were made to the code to read SEG Y revision 1. The main problem is the extended text headers, which will break existing software. The TRIN process has been modified so that it can read files with extra text headers. Only the first text header will be printed in the job report.
The stand-alone program "segyview" can be used to display the extra headers.
Revision 1 adds many new trace headers in bytes 181 to 240. Of those, the 5 most likely to be used are:
inline, crossline
2D shot point
A new option REVISION-1 has been added to the SEG Y parameters, which will map these 5 headers.

A tarball containing all can be downloaded here: segy.tar
Extract the files in your subdirectory $CPSEIS_HOME/src
After extracting the files, type the commands
touch map*
touch tr*
touch segy*
Then make icps cfe cbyt in platform directory

Note this will allow cbyt to load a SEG Y file with extra text headers, but does not map the revision 1 trace headers.