These processes were written for remote tape drives with operators and a tape library. Without all the components, they are not useful to anybody else.
So they have been simplified to read and write to a local tape drive, so that SEG Y tapes could be processed. TTROT can also write a tape in CPS format, which can be read by TTRIN.
If your distro does not have stinit, mt-st and lsscsi, you should install them. The package sg3-utils may help if you wish to install multiple tape drives. If you have some sort of auto-loader, the mtx program is recommended. Also obtain the tcopy program from sourceforge, as it may be useful.

A tarball containing modifed TTRIN and TTROT can be downloaded here: tapeio.tar
On the machine which has a tape drive fitted:
Copy the xml files into $CPSEIS_HOME/opencfe/xml
Copy the others files into $CPSEIS_HOME/src
then in src subdirectory, touch ttr* tape*
finally in platform subdirectory, make icps cfe
This replaces the older code, it does not add new processes.