Comparison of F-X (Porsani) and F-K (Gulunay and Chambers)

191 traces of synthetic data were created with events dipping at -2,0,2,4 samples per trace. Even traces were dropped so that 96 traces are input to the interpolation process. Output is 191 traces. Difference plots are made with original synthetic traces. Also provided for comparison is t-x (dip search) interpolation. All of these are 2x interpolations, i.e. one trace is created between old traces. Images will open in new window/tab. Opening in a new tab is better. Images are approximately 1800x1100 pixels. The difference plots are scaled to the same amplitude.

FXINTERP synthetic
FKINTERP synthetic
FXINTERP difference
FKINTERP difference
TXINTERP difference

The next images are interpolations with 2D field data. The marine data for TXINTERP had 25 m receiver interval. The marine data for FXINTERP both have 25 m receiver interval. The second example show the effect of a bad trace. The land data was at 25 m receiver interval. The marine data for FKINTERP had 50 m receiver interval.
FXINTERP marine 1 bad trace