Beginner's guide to CPSEIS

This was written for people who know something about seismic processing, but have little experience with CPSeis.
A tarball containing all can be downloaded here: guide.tar
Extract the files in your subdirectory $CPSEIS_HOME/www
After extracting the files, open the file INDEX.HTM in www subdirectory with your browser and bookmark it.
If you want to invoke the guide from cfe, then you need some modifications:
edit the file cfemenu.f90 in src subdirectory
search for "seamonkey" and change it to firefox (or konqueror if you like)
also modify file it opens, so the command looks like this:
call putsys_texec ('firefox file://${CPSEIS_INSTALL_DIR}/www/INDEX.HTM &',istat)
then make CPSeis again:
make icps
make cfe

Now if you click on DOC button in cfe, it should bring up firefox.
This guide may be included in new sourceforge revisions, so get the latest.