New CPSeis Processes

Several CPSeis processes were written for our own needs. They are:
FILTIIR - IIR low-pass or high-pass filter
HEADFIT - fit a polynomial to header value
SPSRPS - read SPS and RPS files, put coordinates in headers
XPS - read XPS files and put geometry in headers
FXINTERP - FX interpolation (Porsani algorithm)
FKINTERP - FK interpolation (Gulunay and Chambers algorithm)
FXDNOISE - FX domain noise edit

These have now been incorporated into CPSeis. So if you have older code, update from sourceforge. However, found a bug in FXINTERP afterwards. The fixed update can be can be downloaded here: fxinterp.f90.gz

cfe processes

After extracting the files,
Copy the fxinterp.f90 files to $CPSEIS_HOME/src
Then in $CPSEIS_HOME/platforms/$CPSEIS_ARCH,
make icps