CPseis seismic processing

ConocoPhilips developed CPSeis, and released it as open-source package.
It offer some useful features, that you would find in commercial packages, such as:

A velocity picker
A cube viewer
Parallel processing
Running jobs on other machines
Surface-multiple attenuation
residual statics
radon demultiple
f-x decon
tau-p transform
fourth-order NMO
residual NMO trim
time-variant filter
generate synthetic traces
inverse Q
attributes (e.g. instantaneous frequency)
median despike
3-level sorting
trace header math

Here I show some examples of what you can do with it.
Some public datasets have been processed with CPSeis, and are available here.
Reports are .odt files, and require OpenOffice, LibreOffice or Word 2007 SP2.
SEG Y files are mostly 16-bit integer format. Images are PNG format up to 1920x1200 pixels. Images are not the whole line, but typically one-third of it, scaled for reasonable trace density.

Also some sample workfiles (as tar archives) are available, so that if you download one of these datasets, you can load the workfiles into cfe and begin trying CPSeis.

Alaska 2D land line 31-81 and 16-81
Processing summary for line 31 and 16
Stack of line 31 SEG Y  sample job workfiles  Stack of line 31 image
Stack of line 16 SEG Y  Stack of line 16 image

FreeUSP tutorial dataset
Processing summary for line 001  sample job workfiles  Stack of line 001 image

Viking Graben line 12
Processing summary for line 12  sample job workfiles  Stack of line 12 image

Stratton 3D
Processing summary for 3D  sample job workfiles  Cube slice viewer image

External Links:

CPSeis Google Group  CPSeis at sourceforge  Friends of CPSeis on Linkedin